Dani Vasquez

Social Media Strategist


Dani Vasquez

Since working at the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority, I have learned so many amazing things about the area. It has made me appreciate Indiana more than I ever thought I could and enjoy all that it has to offer! My favorite activities in NWI would have to be going on hikes at the Indiana Dunes with my husband and our dog, trying all of the local restaurants I can (because they are all so good!), going to festivals like Pierogi Fest, and finding all the art hidden throughout the region.

In my position, I am happiest about the opportunities to explore the South Shore and to be a part of the community I live in. It forces me out of my comfort zone, and lets me share all there is to do with everyone in Northwest Indiana through our social media platforms. My goal is for our social media to be a community as much as a resource and I feel that is just beginning!

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