Wolf Lake Memorial Park in Hammond, Ind., played backdrop to the annual Leon's "World's Fastest" Triathlon on Sunday, June 1. The triathlon, a nationally broadcasted event, allowed athletes to swim, bike and run their way through Northwest Indiana.

This year's race brought more than 500 athletes from across the nation to the region to compete in the race. On Saturday, May 31, race participants and visitors were able to try out the latest technology in triathlon gear during Demo Day. The expo highlighted wet suits, bikes and shoes used by professional triathletes.

Leon's Triathlon is an Olympic-distance race and includes a .9-mile swim, a 24.8-mile biking portion and a 6.2-mile run. New to 2014, athletes were able to participate in a sprint-distance triathlon which included a .465-mile swim, a 12.5-mile biking portion and a 3.1-mile run.

The Amateur Male winners of the race were: Ryan Giuliano of Oakwood Hills, Ill., in first; Adam Zucco of Geneva, Ill., in second; and Brett Collins of Forest Park, Ill., in third. The Amateur Female winners of the race were: Megan James of Portage, Mi., in first; Kristine Juno of Highwood, Ill., in second; and Victoria Clinton of Elburn, Wis., in third.

For a full list of winners and times of Leon's Triathlon participants, visit http://results.active.com/event_collections/21269/2014/expanded?i=0&.