Post-Tribune - When Valparaiso's Richard Hunt was watching a roll-off between Sammy Ventura and Steve Stein for the 32nd spot of qualifying at Wednesday's PBA50 South Shore Open, he made a startling observation.

"Seeing the way they're lining up and shooting, no wonder I bowled so poorly," said Hunt, who struggled with a 178 average in Wednesday's block to finish in 87th at 228 pins under the 200 average mark (a 186 overall average for 16 games). "They were playing the fourth arrow going away, while I was playing the third arrow.

Hunt's high game was a 212 with a pair of 201s, but he wasn't helped by a 165 and a 134.

"I never got in much of a rhythm today," Hunt said.

For the second day in a row, PBA Hall of Famer and 37-time national champion Pete Weber dominated the field. He far surpassed an already-impressive performance on Tuesday and averaged a staggering 278 in his eight-game block to finish 314 pins ahead of second-place Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Weber, whose lowest tally on Wednesday was a 202, closed out the day with a 278.

"The lanes were easy for me, and I really don't know why they were," Weber said. "When they start putting the longer oil down, some of the guys seem to have problems and I don't."

Eight-time PBA50 senior champion Ron Mohr, a 2011 runner-up of the South Shore Open, finished the day in third at 328 over. Seven-time PBA and three-time PBA50 national champion Mark Williams finished the day in fourth place.

"I bowled much better today," said Mohr, who bowled a 300 on Wednesday. "I was a little concerned being in 23rd on Tuesday. The big thing was a ball change. I was throwing a Hammer Arson yesterday, and I picked up a Brunswick ball for the first time in six years (a Paranormal).

"With the layout I had, it just loosens up your arm swing when you actually have a half board to work with and a little bit of margin."

Griffith's Rick Woloszyn missed the match play cut by five spots, finishing 37th after rolling a 1,566 (a 196 average) and finished 40 over for the entire 16-game block. He rolled a 158, 199 and 180 in his final three games.

Hammond's Kenny Parks finished 56th after rolling a 1,543 and ended the tournament 48 under. Crown Point's Bill Idzior, a 17-year veteran of the PBA who bowled his first PBA 300 in a PBA50 regional in Arlington Heights, Ill., on Wednesday, bounced back from a tough Tuesday to finish 79th.

"I had an idea of what to shoot today, and I was pretty close," Idzior said. "I never got a real big string. I was at least in the hunt today. I made the final cut in four regionals a row, so I have been bowling well as of late."