The Times, John Burbridge - A man collapsed and stopped breathing shortly after completing Leon's Triathlon Sunday at Wolf Lake Park.

At about the three-hour mark of the annual race, the competitor went down amid a gauntlet of fans and fellow athletes who congregated near the finish line to cheer on those completing the 0.9-mile swim, 24.8-mile bike and a concluding 6.2-mile run.

The man was immediately attended by a pair of bystanders who performed CPR. Soon, stationed EMT's arrived to take over before strapping him on a stretcher and transporting him by way of ambulance to the hospital.

Runners just finishing the race were taken aback and had to give room when the man was rolled out along the finish chute on way to the ambulance.

"It was very fortunate that there were two people right there willing to step up," race director Jeremy Brizzi said. "And the EMTs were right there within 90 seconds."

Though it appeared the man was revived before he was rolled out, Hammond Fire Department and EMT personnel did not disclose his status.

His name, as well as the IDs of the two bystanders, weren't disclosed to the media.

"We did everything we were prepared to do," said Brizzi, who also was unaware of the man's status as of the race's conclusion.