Select South Shore Breweries will offer $2.19 drink and appetizer specials in celebration of 2/19. The Region Pride promotion will be available at the following South Shore Breweries on Feb. 19:

Byway Brewing, Hammond
$2.19 - pints of Goldblatz
$2.19 - housemade pork rinds

Crown Brewing, Crown Point
$2.19 - pints Mayze and Flamme Rouge
$2.19 - artisan pretzel, jalapeno poppers and onion rings

Four Fathers Brewing, Valparaiso
$2.19 - pints of Dr. Terminus
(hops in Dr. Terminus are locally grown in Crown Point by Howe Farms)

Pokro Brewing Company, Griffith
$2.19 - 7 oz. beers
$2.19 - order of three pierogis

Saint John Malt Brothers, St. John
$2.19 - pints of Winter White Ale

Wildrose Brewing, Griffith
$2.19 - first beer of the day

No coupons or discount codes are necessary to enjoy special Region Pride promotions. For more information on Region breweries, download the South Shore Brewery Trail App for free on Android or iPhone. Learn more online at