Green Sense Farms and Whole Foods are partnering with Miller Bakery Café to host a farm-to-table wine pairing dinner on Sunday, Aug. 24, at Miller Bakery Café. The fixed-price dinner will feature organic fresh produce, grown at Green Sense Farms in Portage, Ind., along with organic fish and meat, sold at Whole Foods markets.

"We're excited to be a part of the growing sustainable food community of Northwest Indiana and support places of culinary excellence such as Miller Bakery Café," said Robert Colangelo, founding farmer at Green Sense Farms and host of the nationally syndicated Green Sense Radio show. "Working with chefs that appreciate organically grown, fresh produce makes urban farming fun." Colangelo will be recording the show from Miller Bakery Café during the dinner event, focusing on the ripple economic development effect that pioneering small businesses have on a community.

The farm-to-table dinner will consist of a fixed-price, five course, wine-paired menu for $48 per person (plus wine for $3 per course). Dishes will feature selections such as crostini with basil and tomatoes, arugula strawberry salad, purple pesto gemelli, white fish with dill and smoked pork tenderloin stuffed with smoked gouda and chives - all topped off with a dessert of caramelized apples with fresh oregano and thyme cream. All herbs, shoots and leafy greens will come directly from Green Sense Farms within hours of harvesting.

Green Sense Farms is the nation's largest indoor vertical farm, growing year-round using LED grow lights specially designed for growing leafy greens indoors.

"We have created an indoor climate controlled environment where plants get perfect conditions every single day, regardless of outdoor temperatures, resulting in tasty, organic greens year-round," said Colangelo.

"Having Green Sense Farms nearby creates new opportunities for us at Miller Bakery Café," said Diana Twyman, co-owner of Miller Bakery Café. "Their products are sustainable, fresh, year-round and nearby. For us there's an opportunity to build business around fresh products shipped from across the country or internationally."

Miller Bakery Café is a New American Cuisine fine dining restaurant, located at 555 S. Lake Street, Gary, IN 46403. Seats are limited for the farm-to-table dinner. Further menu and pricing information is available at For reservations, call Miller Bakery Café at 219-427-1446.

Green Sense Farms is located in Portage, Ind., and grows lettuces, leafy greens, micro greens and herbs indoor year-round. For more information, contact Robert Colangelo at