Heartland Hauntings will be offering two free presentations at the Indiana Welcome Center on Saturday, Oct. 26. During the presentations, team members with Heartland Hauntings will offer information collected from investigations performed throughout Northwest Indiana.

According to JC Rositas, a lead investigator and co-founder of Heartland Hauntings, the company works to further research and investigation into the paranormal as it relates to ghosts, and also to help others understand what may be occurring.

The presentations will include audio, video and photography from investigations at the Kaske House in Munster, Red Cedars Museum in Cedar Lake as well as the Reaper's Realm haunted attraction in Hammond. Presenters will also cover the history of the locations in addition to what they have discovered.

"People may be surprised by the evidence we intend to display. A lot of audio will be played," stated Rositas. "People want proof, they want to know. In terms of validity, we can only present what we have." Rositas said it's left to the audience on whether they believe the information or not.

Each session is projected to last 90 minutes including time for questions and answers, said Rositas. The presentations are recommended for people of all ages, but parents are asked to use discretion if planning to bring children.

Rositas explained that the hope of the presentations is to have people leave entertained, but also to share some of the experiences and reach out to others who may be interested in learning more.

Presentations begin at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The Indiana Welcome Center is located at the intersection of I-80/94 and Kennedy Avenue South in Hammond. For more information or to contact Heartland Hauntings, visit www.facebook.com/HHghosts.