Indiana Dock Dogs will be hosting a competition during Cabela's Summer Kickoff Weekend on June 7 and June 8 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Cabela's. During the event, dogs will compete in various dock diving events.

The Indiana Dock Dogs' competition will be held on the east side of Cabela's. According to Bob Evans, president of Indiana Dock Dogs, the competition is expecting between 75 and 100 dogs. Competitors will be coming from Canada, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri and more.

The competition is free to spectators, and those interested in participating may register on-site. Cost to participate is $30 per dog, per wave. Registered dogs will be able to jump twice and have practice time.

"We encourage spectators to talk to competitors to learn more," said Evans. "If you come to the event, bring your dog and have never done it before, members will talk to you about how it's done, give tips and show you things."

During the competition, three types of events will be taking place: Big Air, Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical. The Big Air event will measure the distance from a 40-foot dock to the base of the dog's tail from where it enters the water after the dog runs and jumps after an object. During Extreme Vertical, dogs will jump vertically to grab an object hanging above water. The object will gradually be raised, and the height of the highest grab will be measured. The final event, Speed Retrieve, is a timed event where dogs will jump off a dock and swim to retrieve a stationary object placed 40 feet out. Once the dog grabs the object, the time is recorded for their score.

"Dock diving is a very fun and family-oriented sport. We have a lot of kids competing," stated Evans.

Indiana Dock Dogs is a nonprofit organization comprised of people who enjoy the sport of dock diving. The group is an officially sanctioned affiliate of Dock Dogs Worldwide.

The mission of Indiana Dock Dogs is to promote responsible pet ownership by educating its members and the public about the sport of dock diving and the proper care, health and safety of pets. Indiana Dock Dogs also strives to support charitable animal organizations such as rescue groups and shelters.

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