Lake County CVB Supports County Seat Public Art


HammondOutside the Indiana Welcome Center, visitors have been attracted to the (Heads in Beds) “Cheeks in Seats,” County Seat purchased by the Lake County Convention and Visitors Bureau. The seat outside the Welcome Center is part of the regional public art project that began on Memorial Day of this year.

(Heads in Beds) “Cheeks in Seats” was painted by artist Marco “Buster” Salazar of CISA Studio, LLC. Salazar painted the seat to resemble the architecture of the Indiana Welcome Center on one side and the geography of Lake County on the other. Lake Michigan, the sand dunes, the steel and casino industry, farm land, and Kankakee River are all represented on the seat.

The hundreds of visitors stopping in the Welcome Center each day are intrigued by the design and originality of the project. The unusual “Cheeks in Seats” has intrigued many visitors to find more County Seats throughout Northwest Indiana.

When asked what meaning behind Lake County CVB’s seat name, Speros A. Batistatos, President/CEO of the LCCVB replied, “To put it simply, we are a sales and marketing organization. Our duty at the Bureau is to get visitors to stay in Lake County, sit in our restaurants, theaters, riverboats, and attractions . . . Heads in Beds, Cheeks in Seats.”

The recycled-content seats found throughout Lake, Porter, and LaPorte County resemble a sand dune or a snow drift. The shape has opposing sides and its sweeping curves move you around the entire piece. The seats sit up to 4 people, two on each side. After Labor Day, the pieces will be auctioned at a grand gala event with 50% of the net profits going toward the creation of an arts scholarship fund and 50% returning to the participating communities to support future art, beautification and marketing projects.

(Heads in Beds) “Cheeks in Seats” is located at the Indiana Welcome Center at I-80/94 & Kennedy Avenue South. To request a high-resolution image of the seat, please contact Erika Dahl at