Lake County CVB Supports VivaAerobus

Board of Directors passes Resolution supporting international carrier at Gary/Chicago Airport


HAMMOND – The Lake County Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Board of Directors endorsed a resolution to support international service at the Gary/Chicago International Airport. By a vote of 12 -0, the LCCVB Board took a public stance and urged federal and state legislators to support the development of a customs facility and efforts to secure VivaAerobus Airlines.  The LCCVB Board of Directors continues to support development projects, such as the customs facility at the airport, which will aid in the growth of the South Shore.

            Resolution 2008-04-10, as outlined below, cited reasons for the Bureau’s support; “…there is a need for scheduled airline service between Indiana’s South Shore and Mexico…the Gary/Chicago Airport has the potential to serve more than 2 million customers…and Midway Airport has no existing service to Mexico.”

            The LCCVB will continue to support development projects which will aid in the growth of the South Shore.