NWI.com - CEDAR LAKE | If Tiger Woods were a disc golfer, his name would be more par with his sport.

"There are some trees back there that have been around since the beginning of time," Jay Svitko said of Lemon Lake's eastern wooded section that envelops the county park's disc golf "gold" course.

"For people who come in here to see what this is all about and want to try it out, I usually direct them to our 'white' or 'red' beginner courses," said Svitko, the Red Roc Disc Golf Club administrator, who also runs the disc golf shop at Lemon Lake.

"Our 'gold' course is ranked among the top three toughest courses in the world," Svitko said. "There are guys out there who can throw a disc 600 feet, but if you can't get it through a tight spot at 200 or 100 feet, you're going to shoot an '8' or worse on some of our gold course holes."

For more than a decade, the Red Roc Disc Golf Club has worked with the Lake County Parks and Recreation Department in developing the disc golf links at Lemon Lake.

"Disc golf has grown in the area, but we still have to accommodate the needs the other people who use the park," said Sandy Basala, Lake County Parks superintendent of visitors services. "Through working closely with (Red Roc), we were able to strike a balance while coming up with something that continues to bring people into the park.

"A lot of people who don't even play disc golf like to walk the courses just to get a closer look at nature."

In 2010, Lemon Lake hosted the Professional Disc Golf Association World Championships.

"We had 324 pros from six different countries," Svitko said of the event where Kansas resident Eric McCabe won the open division.

Next summer, Lemon Lake -- in conjunction with Red Roc, Lake County Parks and Recreation and South Shore Sports Promotions -- will again host the PDGA World Championships.

"We just recently were awarded the bid," Svitko said of the tournament, which will take place the week of Aug. 3-10, 2013. "Right now, we're trying to inform the community early to jump on board."

This year's PDGA World Championships were held in Charlotte, N.C. It was a pro-am event that attracted more than 1,100 golfers.

The 2013 Lemon Lake World Championships will be strictly professional with open, masters (ages 40-49), grand masters (50-59), senior grand masters (60-69), legends (70-75) and senior legends (75-plus) men's and women's divisions.

"It will be by invitation only," said tournament director Brian Cummings -- Svitko is the assistant director. "It will be based on points earned during the season."

Munster resident Cummings, who was inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2010, has played in numerous World Championships.

"I haven't been invited lately ... I've been getting old," Cummings said.

There are entry exemptions for tournament directors.

"But no, I'm not playing," Cummings said.

At Lemon Lake, there are currently four disc golf leagues that play on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

"We go all year round," Svitko said. "And we're going to try to hold a tournament each month."