The Lutheran Basketball Association of America will hold its annual championship tournament in Valparaiso March 22 to 24. The event, which was first hosted in Valparaiso in 1971, brings 64 teams of boys and girls in middle school from all over the nation to battle on the basketball courts for top honors.

This annual sporting event books 2,400 hotel rooms throughout Lake and Porter County, contributing $250,000 in hotel revenues alone to the South Shore.

Since the South Shore CVA has taken on LBAA, the strong relationship has allowed for benefits on both sides. While the South Shore CVA helps to enhance the experience of the teams, fans and family of players from across the nation, including groups from Texas, Las Vegas, Wisconsin, Ohio and Nebraska, the usage of the housing system allows access to valuable feedback from the group.

In addition to the housing system, South Shore CVA's technology extends to the creation of event-specific microsites and Facebook pages. Through these interactive resources, the South Shore CVA can further enhance the customer experience.

Annually, the LBAA championships bring in $625,000 in economic impact. Combined with other sporting events brought to the area by the South Shore CVA, the South Shore sees over to $2.3 million in estimated economic impact.