The "Mommy's Little Piggy" mashed potato eating contest will feature plates mounded with mashed potatoes and contestants of different age groups showing "how the piggies eat." On Saturday, Dec. 16, the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority will host the contest that pays tribute to the holiday classic A Christmas Story scene in which Mrs. Parker devises a plan to ensure an uncooperative Randy finishes his supper. Much to Mr. Parker's dismay, she asks Randy to show her "how the piggies eat" and soon he is giggling and he devours his potatoes face first.


Participants in the contest will compete against one another, trying to eat the most potatoes in the shortest amount of time. There are four age groups: 4-7, 8-12, 13-17 and 18+. For the age groups 4-7, 8-12 and 13-17, participants will race to see who can finish one plate of mashed potatoes in the quickest amount of time. The winner of the 18+ category will be determined by who can eat the most plates of mashed potatoes in three minutes. Winners from each age group will be awarded prizes. Previous winners can participate but are ineligible to win contests.


Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. Participants are asked to bring canned goods and non-perishable food as the entry fee. All food collected will benefit the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana.


The "Mommy's Little Piggy" mashed potato eating contest is part of the A Christmas Story Comes Home exhibit, which is presented in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The exhibit will be on display until Jan. 7, 2018, in the W.F. Wellman Exhibit Hall at the Indiana Welcome Center. The design takes visitors to the streets of downtown Hohman, a fictional Indiana town which was a disguise for Hammond.


For more information or to register for the "Mommy's Little Piggy" mashed potato eating contest, or for more information on the exhibit, weekend and holiday hours or other special events, contact the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority at 219-989-7770 or visit