The Times, John Burbridge - Brian Cummings discussed what sets apart a pro disc golfer from hot-winging amateur.

"It's kind of like in baseball," the Munster resident and Professional Disc Golf Association Hall of Famer said. "In Triple-A, you have your guys who can throw 95 miles an hour or faster, but to get to the majors, you need consistency.

"That's the way it is in disc golf. You've got guys with some big arms ... long drivers. But consistency is the only way to get to the top and to stay there."

Cummings is the tournament director of the PDGA Pro World Championships, which will take place Aug. 5-10 at Lemon Lake County Park in Crown Point and Hidden Lake Park in Merrillville.

Lemon Lake hosted the PDGA World Championships in 2010.

"To get it back that fast indicates how well it was received in 2010," said Speros Batistatos, president and CEO of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority. "Like most major (ball) pro golf events, they like to move them around to different venues across the country."

This year's event will attract 400 pro disc golfers from across the country and world. In 2010, the entries were a little more than 300.

"That's the reason we're using Hidden Lake for this one," said Lake County Parks Superintendent of Visitors Services Sandy Basala.

The Masters and Grand Masters divisions will be utilizing Hidden Lake.

All four courses at Lemon Lake will be put in play during the championships.

"We set the tees back in some areas and made the courses longer," Cummings said. "For today's game, they have discs that fly longer, and the golfers are getting better and stronger.

"People used to consider the 'gold' course (at Lemon Lake) as the toughest. Now we have people claiming that the 'white' course is the hardest."

The event will be streamed live on Disc Golf Planet.TV (

"We get a lot of traffic," said John Duesler of Terra Firma Media Group, which produces Disc Golf Planet.TV. "Even people new to the sport who want to learn more about disc golf end up staying on the site for about a half-hour average ... a long time for a computer site."

The World Championships will have more than $100,000 in cash prizes.

"With endorsements and prize money, you can make a living being a professional disc golfer," Cummings said.