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CROWN POINT | David Rosenbalm is proud of how well the Region has played host to the Professional Disc Golf World Championships.

The Portage resident said his local group, Red Roc Disc Club based in Munster, combined with a few others to play a big role in bringing the event to Lemon Lake Park.

"This area is great," he said. "We've done everything perfect. There haven't been any problems, as far as I've heard."

Rosenbalm has had up to 11 other golfers (and a pair of dogs) crashing at his house during the tournament this week.

He said the sense of community is one of the things that brings him back each year.

"It's all about having fun," Rosenbalm said. "If you're not having fun, you shouldn't be playing."

As for Rosenbalm's play, the three-year pro was a little less proud of his 346 (-16, good for 81st place), but he was having a good time.

"I had fun," he said. "I had a lot of bad kicks. I wanted to shoot really well on one of my home courses here, but it didn't really work out."

Sitting in a three-way tie atop the Open Men's Division after Friday's rounds were Eric McCabe, Paul Ulibarri and Josh Anthon at 303 (-59).

"I could've been a little better, but you can always be a little better," Anthon said. "Tomorrow's about winning."

Leading the Women's Open Division is South Carolina native Sarah Stanhope with a -15.

Stanhope overcame a 55 in the first round of the day with a 53 on the more difficult course in her second 18 holes.

"The more open courses really favor the rest of the field. I'm used to playing in more tight, wooded courses," Stanhope said.

"I could lose a few, but if I don't make any mistakes, I should be able to hang on."

Leading the Masters Women is Barrett White with -6. Gregg Hosfeld leads the Grandmasters with a -45, and Kathy Hardyman leads the women at +33.

The Senior Grandmasters are led by Rick Voakes at -34, and the Legends are led by Jerry Robins at +16. Don Dillion is in front of the Super Legends at +45.

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