Take a trip back in time for Main Street Rensselaer's Retro Prom on Saturday, April 23 at eMbers Venue, 230 W. Washington Street, Rensselaer. Tickets are available at www.eventbrite.com for $18/person or $35/couple. Tickets are also available at the event for an additional fee.

The event will host a variety of 80s themed entertainment including music with DJ Mel and Sucker Punch. In addition, there will be an air guitar competition, voting for King and Queen of Retro Prom.

Main Street invites the public to celebrate in true 80s style: nonstop glamour, ruthless ambition and the rise of mainstream pop culture. Grab your leg warmers, Jordache jeans and Reeboks for an evening of fun and entertainment. Visit www.embersvenue.net for additional details.

The event will help raise money for Rensselaer's 2016 projects, including entry signs, bike racks and the 2017 Washington Bridge Project. MSR (Main Street Rensselaer is a not for profit whose mission is to preserve the historic architecture of the downtown buildings, to promote the downtown's economy so that businesses flourish and enhance it to draw people downtown to work, do business and enjoy themselves.