South Shore Air Show Poster Awarded 1st Place

LCCVB wins ICAS Marketing Competition


LAS VEGAS, NV - The International Council of Air Shows, Inc. (ICAS) awarded the Gary’s South Shore Air Show poster with 1st place in the event poster category for the 2007 Marketing Competition during its 40th annual convention. The award was presented in front of approximately 800 ICAS members at an awards luncheon in December 2007.

            Competition entries were judged on overall attractiveness, printing quality, color and effectiveness as a marketing tool. The award-winning poster’s design features onlookers on the beach watching as four airplanes soar overhead, complete with the background of the Chicago Skyline. It was designed by Judith Mayer of Highland, winner of the Post-Tribune-sponsored competition to create a poster with the 1920’s vintage look of the South Shore Line posters.

Mitch Markovitz, painter of the South Shore “Just Around the Corner” painting series, assisted Mayer in achieving the vintage look of the poster. “Judith is a great artist and I’m very proud the Air Show poster was honored in this way,” Markovitz said.

            “I wanted to capture the spirit of the air show. The spectators are a key part of the event. I made them more than just specks on the beach. They add life to the painting,” said and artist Judith Mayer.

            The International Council of Air Shows, Inc. (ICAS) was founded in 1968 as a trade and professional association by industry professionals to protect and promote their interests in the growing North American air show marketplace. One of the organization’s purposes is to serve as the authoritative information resource on the air show industry both within its membership and without.