The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority's Board of Directors approved a contract allowing the South Shore CVA to provide tourism promotion and development services for the Jasper County Tourism Commission (JCTC) during their board meeting on Thursday, Feb. 20.

According to the contract, the South Shore CVA will assist the JCTC grow the convention, visitor and tourism industry in Jasper County and increase the county's attractiveness as a destination.

"By increasing the attractiveness of Jasper County, the entire region will benefit," said Speros A. Batistatos, president and CEO of the South Shore CVA.

Batistatos stated that the partnership was developed on the premise that visitors do not see county lines.

"As we build and promote what is available in Jasper County, visitors will find that Northwest Indiana as a whole is a very appealing destination," explained Batistatos.

Once the JCTC signs the contract, the South Shore CVA will develop a branding package that includes a logo, slogan, catch phrasing and any related materials. Additionally, the South Shore CVA will maintain Jasper County's website within the South Shore CVA website, providing webhosting and related technical services. The South Shore CVA will develop, design and produce marketing, advertising and promotional materials as well as assist with public and media relations guidance.

Vic DeMeyer, chairman of the Board of Directors for the South Shore CVA, stated that the partnership aligns with the South Shore CVA's idea of regionalism.

"Northwest Indiana is very unique. By building this partnership, visitors can obtain information on a multitude of experiences available throughout the region," said DeMeyer.

Batistatos explained that the South Shore CVA will help guide and assist the JCTC with festival, attractions and event specific marketing as well as develop marketing packages.

"The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority is very excited about working with the JCTC and assisting them to develop the Jasper County brand," Batistatos said.

For more information about this partnership, contact Nicki Mackowski-Gladstone at 219-554-2720.