The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority has announced the addition of a unique act that will be participating in the South Shore Air Show.

OTTO the Helicopter, a Schweizer 300C helicopter, and pilot Roger Buis, will entertain air show attendees with their aerial comedy show. During the show, OTTO will play with his yo-yo, blow bubbles, shoot smoke in all directions and more while interacting with the announcer. To view a video of OTTO the Helicopter, visit

The South Shore Air Show will be presented at Fair Oaks Farms in Newton County July 11 through July 13. Fair Oaks Farms is a 33,000 acre attraction, allowing the two organizations ample room to make additions to the family-fun event. Attendees will enjoy exciting aerial acrobatics, Fair Oaks Farm attractions, as well as new additions.

More air show acts will be announced in the coming weeks. For more information on the air show, contact Special Events and Services Manager Bethany Randolph by email at, or visit