The Shrine of Christ's Passion

St. John, Indiana

April 25, 2011

Northwest Indiana is home to an attraction of spiritual significance about the journey to Calvary, drawing
people of all religious faiths from around the world.

The Shrine of Christ's Passion, which took eight years to build, is an interactive half-mile winding path of
40 life-size bronze statues depicting Jesus Christ's life from the Last Supper to the Ascension. Texas artist
Mickey Wells designed and cast the sculptures gracing the Prayer Trail.

The Shrine provides an intimate environment for spiritual renewal, with its 15 acres designed to reflect the
time of Christ and the arid Middle East landscape where he lived.

Pilgrims to The Shrine experience the Passion of Christ beginning with the Last Supper, the Garden of
Gethsemane and journey through the Passion as depicted in the Stations of the Cross.

Original music was written for The Shrine, and plays along the trail. At each stop is a listening station
describing the scene with a meditation recorded by Chicago broadcast journalist Bill Kurtis.

The Visitors Center and gift shop, opened in December 2007, have already been doubled in size because of
visitors' volume.

The Shrine is overseen by a non-profit foundation, will all donations and gift shop proceeds used for upkeep,
maintenance and operating expenses.

The Shrine is located at 10630 Wicker Ave. (U.S. 41) just north of U.S. 231 in St. John, and is 35 miles from
downtown Chicago. There is parking for 10 tour buses and 75 motor vehicles, with volunteers providing cart
rides for the disabled.

For more details, visit or call (219) 365-6010.