More than 35 teams will compete at Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Ind. for the USA Ultimate Great Lakes College Regional Championships on April 30 and May 1. The competition will generate up to 200 hotel rooms for those staying overnight.

Sixteen teams will compete in the DI Men's division; 8 teams will compete in the DI Women's division and DIII Men's division. Additionally, there will be 6 teams competing in the Men's Developmental Division for newer emerging programs.

"We are excited to be hosting the Great Lakes College Ultimate Regional Championships at Fair Oaks Farms. The competition should be very exciting as these exceptional athletes compete for their chance to attend the College National Championships. Anyone is welcome to attend and there is no admission fee," said Jenna Lewandowski, Marketing and Special Events for Fair Oaks Farms.

Indiana Wesleyan and Valparaiso finished 2nd and 4th, respectively, in the Men's DIII division final regular season USA Ultimate rankings. Both are considered contenders for the national title. Indiana Wesleyan's Travis Carpenter is considered a top candidate for the College Callahan Award for the MVP of the 2016 season.

Ultimate is defined by the USA Ultimate Board of Directors as, "player defined and controlled non-contact team sport played with a flying disc on a playing surface with end zones in which all actions are governed by the ‘Spirit of the Game.'" The Sports and Fitness Industry Association reports ultimate is one of the fastest growing team sports in the country.