Dani Vasquez
Dani Vasquez, Social Media Strategist

Dani manages all of the social media accounts for the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority. Since moving to the area and beginning her career in tourism, she has enjoyed getting to know more about the community and events in the area and sharing them with all of you!

Paczki in the Region | Celebrate Fat Tuesday

Header photo from Marilyn's Bakery Get your paczki for Fat Tuesday - March 1, 2022! Paczki, pronounced “poonch-key,” are beloved fried pastries filled with jelly or cream, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and a Polish tradition. These pastries are tremendously popular in Northwest Indiana as we have one of the largest Polish American populations…

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Maple Syrup Time in Northwest Indiana

Every March, maple trees in the South Shore awaken with the warmer days of springtime and the sap begins to flow. Several parks in Northwest Indiana take part in this special time of year to show us all the sweet treats that the maple trees give us. Head to one of these local parks in Northwest Indiana to learn more about the history and process of Maple Syrup…

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