Our family enjoyed a media day at Edge Adventures Aerial Park Deep River in northwest Indiana as part of our tour with Visit the South Shore. All opinions are my own!

Edge Adventures Aerial Park NW Indiana Deep River

Edge Park Adventures Aerial Park in northwest Indiana is located right next to Deep River Water Park in the city of Crown Point. This amazing park features over 50 treetop obstacles and zip lines that provide challenges and thrills at every skill level. 

Edge Adventures Deep River

We had so much fun lined up for this Indiana adventure, but this was what Joy most looked forward to. She is my little monkey, though she’s not so little anymore. Would you believe she is taller than I am?

Edge Adventures Deep River instruction

We toured the park early in spring before the leaves were on the trees. I bet by now the trees are green and full! First thing’s first. Before you can climb the trees you have to get suited up in the safety gear and take a quick class teaching you how to use it. And then you’re set for adventure.

Edge Adventures Aerial Park fun

Edge Adventure has five levels of ropes courses. You can work your way up to the more challenging courses, or if you’re a pro you can start at the top. Either way it's hours of fun.

Edge Adventures Deep River kids park

One of my favorite things about Edge Adventure Park Deep River is the Kids Park. Designed especially for kids ages 4-7 the course is close to the ground and not so scary, but still challenging for the younger crowd.

Edge Adventures Deep River kids park

At other parks I always had some younger kids that had to just play in the grass and sticks for the duration of the adventure courses. Here Bobby was able to have as much fun as everyone else.

Edge Adventures kids park

The kids course also helps give younger kids experience and eases fears in preparation for the regular courses when they are old enough. Get your younger kids on the ropes!

This little dude may look precarious on the zip line, but don’t let that fool you. He is my little dare devil and was so excited to be tall enough for the zip lines. He had a blast!

Edge Adventures Deep River zip lining

Just look at that smile. Usually when you see him in photos he is making his strange faces. When you see a smile it’s always genuine. He absolutely will not just smile for a photo. That kid! 🙂

Edge Adventures Deep River zip line

I was especially impressed with the staff at Edge Adventures who were so enthusiastic, patient, kind, and encouraging the entire day. There were a few times my kids needed a rescue. For one reason or another they would get stuck on a line. Without fail the staff kept the kids at ease.

We had a fantastic day of fun out in the sun and nature. Make plans of your own to swing through the trees! Follow this link for pricing and more information>>>>>Edge Adventures Deep River.

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