The Black Friday shopping weekend is finally upon us, but know that you can find light at the end of the tunnel with a stop to The Shrine of Christ's Passion. The Shrine, best known for its half-mile journey detailing the events of the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Stations of the Cross with life-sized bronze statues, is also home to the grandest spiritual gift shop along the South Shore. The Shrine is taking part in the Thanksgiving weekend shopping spectacular with sales throughout the store until Sunday, Nov. 30.

Check out the breakdown happening within the store:
• Buy any one Christmas item and receive 30% off.
• Buy three ornaments, get three free.
• All scarves and jewelry are buy one, get one half-off.
• Purses and slippers are 25% off.
• Gourmet dips are a whopping 15% off.
• Buy any Colonial Candle for 40% off regular price.
• Get 25% off all rosaries.

Prepare yourself for rhetorical questions with quick resolutions.

Did you find your feet becoming slightly chilled while you waited in line this weekend? Get yourself some slippers. Oh wait, was your face cold, too? Scarves are also on sale!

Were you finding yourself eating dips at a Thanksgiving party thinking all the while, "Hmm, this dip is good, but it's not gourmet good!"

The Shrine's gift shop wants you to class up your chip-game and go from bore-met to gourmet. Why don't you have enough room in your purse to put tuck away those Thanksgiving leftovers? Because you need a new one!

If you're reading this blog that means you must be a wise person. I know that you know that getting six ornaments for the price of three is way better than getting three ornaments for the price of three. It's just math!

The smell of turkey might still be milling about your living room. Replace that non-sense with the smell of morning dew, or some other seasonal delight from Colonial Candle. Wax sometimes smells better!

I can keep going on and on about some quick life changes you can make by shopping at the Gift Shoppe at The Shrine of Christ's Passion this weekend, but you have to take that first step for yourself. Did I mention that Saturday, Nov. 29, is Small Business Saturday? I'm an expert on identifying small businesses. Just know that every purchase you make throughout the community benefits us all! Shop a little smarter this weekend and support your local small-town businesses. Let it all start, or continue for that matter, with a stop to the Gift Shoppe at The Shrine of Christ's Passion.

The Shrine is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, weather permitting, and the gift shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. all weekend. Find the light this black weekend and support your local small business! Remember, small businesses matters!