The South Shore region offers residents and visitors a wide variety of amazing, locally grown and made items that will surely enhance your Christmas meal. From farm-fresh shrimp and cheese, to smoked turkeys, hams and locally raised bison, Northwest Indiana is bountiful! Read below to learn more about the many items that can be added to your holiday gathering.


Good to Go by Lucrezia - Olive oils, balsamic vinegars

Good to Go by Lucrezia, located in Chesterton and Valparaiso, offers the finest quality olive oils, balsamic vinegars and gourmet food. Their olive oils and balsamic vinegars come in a wide variety of flavors, and would be great with fresh bread or as a delicious addition to salads.

Fair Oaks Farms - Fresh, award-winning cheeses/The Market

Fair Oaks Farms, located in Newton County, has become one of the most unique facilities of its kind in the world. At Fair Oaks Farms, visitors are encouraged to explore, question and learn about the dedication and practices that go into food production from farm to table. They make fresh, award-winning cheese that would make for a delicious platter at a holiday gathering.

JT Shrimp - Farm-fresh shrimp (Grab St. Elmo's sauce from Costco!)

Offer guests a mouth-watering, farm-fresh shrimp cocktail. JT Shrimp, a shrimp farm located in Wheatfield, raises saltwater shrimp without the use of antibiotics or chemicals. Their organic, sustainable and ethical way of raising shrimp makes a difference in the quality and flavor.

Barbara Jean's Gifts and Gourmet - Finishing touches for the perfect meal

Barbara Jean's Gifts and Gourmet features a full line of locally made specialty food items including sauces, jellies, snacks, cheese, crackers, olive oils and vinegars. Add the perfect finishing touch to your meal with a gourmet sauce from Barbara Jean's.

Update 9/13/17 - Barbara Jean's Gifts & Gourmet no longer has a storefront, but is still creating gift baskets! Call her with your order at (708) 606-1612. 

Main Dishes

Yesteryear's - Freshly smoked turkeys, fresh sausage to make stuffing memorable

Yesteryear's Meats & Specialty Shoppe, located in DeMotte, is an old-fashioned meat market, smokehouse and deli. They offer locally raised pork and beef. Their fresh sausage would make a delicious addition to Thanksgiving stuffing. The sausage is made in-house, and comes in 15 different varieties. Yesteryear's also offers smoked turkeys and hams.

Bub's - Fresh smoked turkeys and hams

Bub's BBQ, located in DeMotte, features savory, slow-cooked meats. This holiday season, families can enjoy delicious smoked hams and turkeys, as well as satisfying sides such as bacon mac & cheese, elote (Mexican corn), bourbon fried apples, coleslaw and cowboy beans.

Broken Wagon Bison - Healthy alternative to beef

Try something new this year! Bison is America's original red meat. It's hearty, healthy and has a heritage that's more American than apple pie. Bison meat fits the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association. It has 35% more protein than beef with 70% less fat and 30% less calories. Bison meat has less cholesterol than skinless chicken or turkey, and is comparable to most fish. Raised on grasses, sun-cured hay, and grains, bison meat is sweet-tasting and satisfyingly rich with no "gamey" or wild flavor. Call Broken Wagon Bison at 219-759-3523 to place your order for bison steaks, jerky, roasts, stew or ground meat, brats or smoked bison bones (for your favorite furry friend!).


South Shore Winery Trail- Delicious wines

Red or white, sweet or dry; you’ll find the perfect wine to sip and enjoy this holiday along the South Shore Winery Trail.

South Shore Brewery Trail - Craft beer

The South Shore offers 13 different breweries, providing craft beer lovers the opportunity to sample and enjoy an assortment of IPAs, pale ales, porters, stouts and more. Many breweries, including Crown Brewing and Hunter's Brewing, offer delicious winter and holiday brews.


Albanese Candy Factory - "World's Best" Chocolate, Gummies

Albanese Candy Factory, located in Hobart, creates the world's best gummies, chocolates and more than 1,000 different candies. Gummi bears, trees, snowmen and wreaths can be found in delicious holiday colors. Also offered is a Christmas peanut lover's mix and Santa's reindeer food.

Gayety's - Hand-dipped chocolates

Gayety's Chocolates and Ice Cream has locations in Schererville, Ind., and Lansing, Ill. They offer gourmet hand-dipped chocolates, premium homemade ice cream and toppings, and more.

Homestead Buttery and Bakery - Fresh baked pies, desserts

Visit The Homestead Buttery and Bakery to pick up their limited edition holiday fruitcake, made completely from scratch, loaded with real dried fruits and nuts, and liberally brushed with apricot brandy as it ages. Or try one of their other delicious old-fashioned holiday desserts, such as cherry stollen, tea rings and pumpkin or apple pie.

With bountiful options, locally made and grown food and drinks from along the South Shore will be the perfect addition to your holiday meal!

Contributing Editor: Stacina Stagner
Former communications coordinator with the South Shore CVA.