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Ten bison calves born at Kankakee Sands

Photo by Jason Whalen at Big Foot Media It feels as though we've waited an eternity for the answer, and now we have it.... ten bison calves! Since October 16, 2016 when the bison first arrived at Kankakee Sands, we have anticipated the birth of these calves. When would they be born? How many would be born? At long last, we have our answers.   On April 20th of this year, the first bison calf was born at Kankakee Sands. Over the next few weeks perhaps two or three more will be born, but as of today there are ten…

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Question Number One - Charter Fishing on Lake Michigan

Great Lakes salmon and trout fishing started in Lake Michigan more than 50 years ago and Lake Michigan still offers the best fishing and widest variety of these fish of all the Great Lakes. No where on Lake Michigan offers a longer season for individuals wanting to catch their share of these gamesters than Northwest Indiana's small portion of water, at Lake Michigan's southern tip…

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Enjoy the outdoors this fall in Northwest Indiana

Fall brings some wonderful opportunities to enjoy nature in Northwest Indiana. Bison at Kankakee Sands A herd of bison have recently arrived at their new home in Morocco, Ind. Twenty-five bison made the journey from a Nature Conservancy preserve in South Dakota to the Nature Conservancy at Kankakee Sands. They will help restore 1,100 acres of land by eating grasses, churning the soil and thinning the trees…

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