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Frequently Asked Questions

Tourism Roundtable: The End of an Era and the Opportunity for Growth

What is a CVA/CVB?

CVA is an acronym for convention and visitors authority. CVBs and CVAs are destination management organizations. Most are not-for-profit organizations that work under a governing body to promote visitor and business travel through sales and marketing initiatives.

What does the SSCVA do?

The SSCVA’s mission is to lead the hospitality industry and aid our partners through the development and support of attractions throughout the region. The South Shore CVA draws conventions, meetings, sporting events and group tours from around the nation marketing the destination as a centrally located, reasonably priced destination.

Do my property and sales taxes pay for the convention and visitors authority?

No, the SSCVA is funded by casino admission revenue and hotel/motel tax.

How much money does a resident of Lake County save on their taxes because of tourism?

Lake County residents save nearly $1,000 on their total taxes (including federal, state and local savings because of tourism.

How many hospitality employees are employed in Lake County?

Approximately 25,000 individuals are employed in the industry in Lake County alone.

What is a food and beverage tax?

A food and beverage tax is a tax on any prepared food or beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) served at restaurants, bars and festivals. Learn more about Indiana’s food and beverage tax here.

How is a food and beverage tax used?

Traditionally in Indiana, hospitality facilities are funded by the food and beverage tax. Examples include Allen County’s Coliseum and the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne.

Where would a multi-use facility/convention center be located?

A feasibility study would determine the ideal location of such a facility.

What is the Genesis Center currently used for?

The Genesis Center in Gary, Indiana is a multi-purpose arena, used for city meetings and events. The facility is three-decades old.

What types of groups will use a convention center?

National, state and local association conventions, sporting events and special local events (i.e. antique shows) will use the facility. The CVA will bid on association meetings that are too large for small meeting spaces, but too small for larger and more expensive markets like Chicago, Las Vegas and New York. The South Shore CVA will poise the location and the facility for tertiary groups like Indiana Association of Cities and Towns as well as regional groups that meet in places like Fort Wayne and Lafayette.



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