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Hand Forged Roses with Tolbert Family Forge

June 8, 2019

12615 Wicker Avenue
Cedar Lake, IN 46303

  • Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

While attending the steel rose workshop you will learn basic metal working and create your own steel rose. In creating these roses, you will be using a hammer, anvil and fire to form the roses. The hammer and anvil will create texture and move steel to form the pedals and stems. Fire is the source to form your finished roses. We will provide some safety glasses and ear plugs and please wear old t-shirts and jeans. This is not a clean workshop and you will get a little dirty so don't wear any nice clothes. The end masterpiece will be your gorgeous rose you can add color to or keep it a simple metal. Food, drink and all supplies will be provided. 12 spots available and this is gonna be a great experience. Stop by or call today to sign up and pay $75. 219-390-7183.