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The Midnight Ghosting Tour Crown Point Old Jail

10/5/2019, 10/12/2019, 10/19/2019

228 S Main Street
Crown Point , IN 46307

  • Time: 11:55 PM to 4:00 AM

Do you have what it takes to brave these ghosts? Are you ready for an experience that you won't forget?

I often get asked "Mike, whats your scariest tour? I wanna SEE something! I want something to happen! I want to experience a ghost! Where can I actually have a great chance to SEE a ghost, feel something touch me or at least hear a ghostly voice from beyond the veil?" My response: The Crown Point Old Jail is a great place for that!

It just so happens that we have a Midnight tour there.  This tour includes use of some great ghost hunting equipment including full spectrum cameras, night vision cams, EMF meters, IR thermometers, the Real Time EVP recorder, the SB11 Ghost box and tons more! Only $43 for a 4 hour Ghost Hunt!

The location has been featured on TAPS - Ghost Hunters and other Paranormal shows!. They found it to be haunted (we already knew that though). It was previously featured on the Mancow - WLUP radio show.

While I can't guarantee that you will have an experience, the Old Jail rarely disappoints! So go to and purchase your ticket today before they are sold out!