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JT Shrimp LLC

4836 W. 1450 N.
Wheatfield, IN 46392
Phone: (219) 987-3809


JT Shrimp has the freshest locally grown saltwater shrimp in the region. Harvested live for absolute freshness, these succulent sweet shrimp are sure to be the hit of the party and make your holiday meals memorable! Call 219-987-3809 to place your order today. JT Shrimp LLC is a family-owned shrimp farm that has the freshest saltwater shrimp in the area. Owners Scott and Leslie Tysen sell top-quality live, healthy shrimp raised without the use of antibiotics or chemicals. This organic, sustainable and ethical way of raising shrimp makes a remarkable difference in the quality of the shrimp JT Shrimp sells. Taste the difference when you buy fresh from the farm. You'll be hooked from the first bite! In addition to selling incredibly fresh and delicious shrimp, JT Shrimp also offers tours to the public. Whether you have a school group, tour bus group, family or just want to come by yourself, JT Shrimp can accommodate you. Check out the aquaculture process and learn all about this exciting new farming venture.