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Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2019 R.O.S.E. and R.I.S.E. Award winners! Have you received extraordinary customer service? 
Nominate them here.

R.O.S.E. Winners

Carlos Amado

Valet Attendant
Horseshoe Casino

Carlos Amado represents Horseshoe Casino in a fair and honest way; inspiring his coworkers to reach for the stars and offers words of encouragement to both employees and guests. He is a consummate professional and always is the first to volunteer to work in other areas. His infectious smile and his willingness to exceed guests’ expectations do not go unnoticed. Carlos knows many, if not all of the guests, by name and always brightens their day with his compassion and awe-inspiring communication.

Dorothy Armour

Majestic Star Casino

A loyal employee, Dorothy Armour promotes the company's core principles by working hard with a personal touch that shines with customers. She pays attention to each guest’s story and will become concerned when a "regular" hasn't visited in a while. Guests know her and look for her, playing an important role in the customer experience. Dorothy is described as, "one of the most pleasant and sincerer people I have ever met."

James Arnold

LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office

Sgt. Arnold visited a resident to investigate a code violation in LaPorte County recently. Instead of immediately issuing the citation and fine, he took the time to talk with the homeowner. Standing in the cold for more than an hour he politely explained the violation and offered solutions to get the problem resolved, going above and beyond to make a bad situation better. His compassion exceeded every expectation that the homeowner had for law enforcement and commented that he was a "true hero."

Kathryn Arnold

Utility Worker
Majestic Star Casino

Guests are always greeted sincerely and with a welcoming smile by Kathryn Arnold. She is proactive and anticipates the needs of each customer: filling water glasses, bringing additional silverware, clearing plates and checking on guests. Kathryn will often adjust her schedule by coming in on her day off, arriving early and staying late – whatever is needed to provide outstanding service to guests. She is a true example of how exemplary guest service - her personality, friendly demeanor and hardworking attitude - instills what customer service is all about.

Anleather “Annie” Branson

Security Ambassador
Horseshoe Casino

Annie Branson is always "on point" and observant with her duties at Horseshoe Casino. She's reliable and can handle the busiest days at the casino. Recently, there was a car fire while on duty. Because of her quick thinking, she had the fire extinguished before it spread and caused additional damage. She also helped a guest who had money stolen. Her quick action kept the suspect from getting away and was arrested when the police arrived on the scene. Annie is vigilant while on duty and nothing gets past her.

Victoria Caper

Security Command Officer
Ameristar Casino Hotel
East Chicago

Victoria Caper has performed her best day, every day for the last 22 years. She is a problem solver who always tries her best at every job. She's the person you can go to for an escort, if the escalator stops, or to see if your check is ready. She volunteered to sit in the new hire training class. She has been so involved that she now trains all of the new hires. She wears many hats at Ameristar and outside work in her community, taking part in local charity walks and volunteering at a women's shelter after work.

Lynell Galloway

Environmental Cleaning Services Attendant
Horseshoe Casino

Lynell Galloway has earned the respect and gratitude of guests, as well as peers. Recently, with only 30 minutes of her shift remaining an elderly guest needed extra assistance. Without thinking twice, Lynell jumped into action to help the elderly guest who had soiled herself. She quickly got an EMT on the scene as well as a manager and helped clean and dress the embarrassed guest. Lynell went as far to give the guest her socks so she wouldn’t have to walk out of the casino barefoot. After the guest was helped to the bus for departure, Lynell stayed after her shift to clean the entire restroom for the incoming shift.

Aquishea Johnson

Player Services Representative
Ameristar Casino Hotel
East Chicago

Service with a smile is a practice Aquishea Johnson puts into action daily. She makes every interaction with guests a personal one. Recently, a breast cancer survivor came to the casino where she met Aquishea. The guest shared her survivor story where she received a high-five and words of encouragement from Aquishea. She thrives on servicing guests she feels are having a bad day or need a smile to warm their hearts; she truly has the gift to turn something bad into something wonderful.

David King

Table Games Lead Supervisor
Majestic Star Casino

David King is known to build relationships with strangers who then exit as friends. His attention to detail and sensitive care make him one of the most respected supervisors at the casino. He is poised under pressure and successfully navigates the most difficult and complex guest issues. He inspires his team and is visionary in his proactive guest service stance. He was recently nominated for the company’s highest team member performance award for his exceptional service.

Jane Knox-Moore

Hilton Garden Inn

Guests naturally gravitate toward Jane Knox-Moore. Guests seek her out because of her contagious energy and her exceptional customer service. One regular bar patron likes his drinks extra cold and Jane took it upon herself to get him his own cup that she keeps in the freezer so it's cold and ready before he asks for it. Jane has also been mentioned 91 times in guest reviews this year as a bartender and an astounding 124 TripAdvisor name mentions last year! Guests love her so much that they take time out of their day to rate their positive experience and mention her by name.

Adam Moskalick

Special Events Coordinator
Mascot Hall of Fame

There are tons of event professionals: some get the job done and move on to the next and then there are professionals like Adam Moskalick, who makes each event special. Adam makes all of his customers feel like family, not just another sale. Guests often sing Adam high praises. On one occasion a guest, who booked a birthday party at the museum, asked Adam to bring out their cake. After reviewing the contract, he realized the guest had not ordered a cake. Instead of making a fuss about the error, he quickly jumped into his car and picked up a birthday cake for the child before the party started.

Reginald Robinson

Guest Services Representative
Hilton Garden Inn

Guests to the Hilton Garden Inn in Merrillville are consistently commenting on Reginald Robinson's guest services. Corporate guests, those that travel more than 250 nights a year, say he's the best guest service representative that they have ever met! Families traveling for sporting events have become so close with him, they have invited him to games and he shows up to help cheer on their team! He is known for his selfless acts of kindness on a daily basis, often going to the store on his own to stock a guest’s favorite items.

R.I.S.E. Winners

Erica Hennings

Dual Rate Supervisor
Horseshoe Casino

Horseshoe Casino has a very engaging bartender, Erica Hennings. Her personality and sense of humor draw guests to her. She can be found dancing, high-fiving and engaging her guests to make them smile. Erica received three nominations for this year's awards all describing her upbeat personality, positive attitude, smiling face and energy. One nomination read, "Her personality is like a lighthouse, people are drawn to her like a fly to a blue light!"

Brian Holmes

Chief Hotel Engineer
Fairfield Inn & Suites
Fair Oaks

It's not often that maintenance interacts directly with guests, but not everybody is Brian Holmes. Brian, a veteran, comes to work with the desire to make everyone's day a little easier. Brian has treated stranded hotel guests to ice cream while they waited for a tow truck and on another occasion he fixed a guest's motorized wheelchair – on his own time. He is well known for his random acts of kindness and as an extraordinary leader.

Zachary Mazepa

Facilities Manager
Majestic Star Casino

Zachary is a 13-year employee, overseeing multiple departments – engaging his team through his hands-on approach, honesty, direction and guidance. He can be found hauling equipment, moving chairs, cleaning and so much more on any given day. Team members and guests know that they can depend on him to get the job done, find answers and solve problems. Zachary is such a valuable asset to Majestic, he is asked to be in meetings where his position is normally not in attendance. His support of his team and energy are both unmeasurable.