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Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2017 R.O.S.E. and R.I.S.E. Award winners! Have you received extraordinary customer service? 
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Amarillis "Lilly" Covarrubias 

Security Officer
Ameristar Casino & Hotel
East Chicago, Ind.

Lilly is best known around the casino as the Queen of the "Fun Committee" as she is always smiling, laughing and interacting with guests. Whether it's for a guest or co-worker, Lilly has special hand-made buttons, tiaras, necklaces and other trinkets to celebrate accomplishments or birthdays and has been known to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish to special guests. She was recently "caught on camera" arm-in-arm with two elderly guests, walking them to the casino floor. She's kind, caring and helpful and is always smiling, uplifting her co-workers and guests of the casino.


Maxxwell Fletcher III

Farmhouse Restaurant
Fair Oaks, Ind.

Maxxwell's co-workers and managers would describe him as a hard and smart worker. He excels as the Farmhouse's Expediter and adapts easily to change. He has a penchant for creating unique guest experiences from "behind the glass" and at any given moment a guest could catch a wave, a smile or even a sneak peak of the food. Maxxwell pays attention to detail and has ownership of his work that contributes to his constant success in the kitchen. His compassion for his team and his upbeat positive attitude shines through when interacting with co-workers and guests.


Marcus Flores

Valet Lead
Ameristar Casino & Hotel
East Chicago, Ind.

As the Valet Lead at the casino, Marcus is often the first point of contact for most guests. He always greets his guests with a smile and plenty of energy to get his guests excited for their visit. When "secret shopped," Marcus receives multiple "exceeds expectations" because of the way he interacts with guests. For a regular guest who provides the valet team with home-baked goods, Marcus wanted to return the favor and arranged for her to receive a free meal, a box of doughnuts and a thank you card upon her arrival.


Errie Harden

Back Server
Stadium Sports Bar
East Chicago, Ind.

Errie is an extra special employee to Stadium Sports Bar and is considered the backbone of the day-to-day operation. She often received more comments and compliments than a number of the frontline servers and yet her position requires almost zero customer interaction. According to her manager, this is a remarkable task. Recently, a co-worker fell on tough times and could no longer work. Errie personally checked up on the co-worker to make sure everything was okay. She takes extra shifts often so others are able to balance their work and home life accordingly.


Dorothy Jelks

Valet Cashier
Horseshoe Casino
Hammond, Ind.

Dorothy has an infectious smile, great work ethic and exceeds guests' expectations on a daily basis. She is known for her ability to communicate with each guest, even during the most difficult situations and with the utmost compassion and sensibility. She's always the first to volunteer to cover a shift and work in other areas when necessary. Often, she will stand outside to take tickets and holding the doors for guests. Recently, Dorothy has been working more days to help with a busy schedule and the staff have noticed a positive change in the department and improved morale. She represents the Horseshoe brand in a fair and honest way.

Danica Lazic - ROSE Winner

Danica Lazic

Guest Service Agent
Ameristar Casino & Hotel
East Chicago, Ind.

Danica is described as an excellent team member that makes her guests as comfortable as possible, offering service with a smile and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Danica receives a number of positive comments about her customer service complimenting her willingness to help. On one occasion, Danica received one review that read, "She is not only an asset to your company, but also a life saver. She quickly responded by administering the Heimlich maneuver to a teammate that was choking." Danica is an outstanding asset to Ameristar who consistently impresses her guests and managers.


Gordon Pointer Jr.

Table Games Dealer
Horseshoe Casino
Hammond, Ind.

Gordon is a rare employee who cares about his performance as well as the performance of his teammates. He goes out of his way to teach new employees tips for great customer service. Recently, when Gordon didn't have anyone at his table, he took time to interact with every guest he came into contact with while also encouraging other employees to help entertain guests as they passed by. A very high end customer pulled his manager aside and explained that Gordon was the reason he visited Horseshoe Casino and seeks him out on each visit. Gordon is well liked by VIPs as well as other guests and fellow employees.


Carmen Prajescu

Human Resources Generalist
Majestic Star Casino & Hotel
Gary, Ind.

Carmen does not interact with paying customers on a daily-basis, but interacts with her community regularly. She has made it her personal mission to build strong relationships in our community and works with organizations like WorkOne, the National Guard, Department of Veterans Affairs and more to make sure those that need jobs are able to find them. She seeks out heroes that have served our country and helps them in any way she can. The organizations and veterans she works with consistently rave about her generosity, her smile and the difference she makes in Northwest Indiana. Carmen makes each day at work a blessing to everyone she encounters.


MaryBeth Rivera

Office Coordinator
Franciscan Health and Fitness Center
Schererville, Ind.

MaryBeth has been with the Health and Fitness Center for more than 15 years. One of her main functions is collections, which is never easy. When she has the opportunity, Marybeth does everything possible to help members in need. Often when a member is on leave it is due to medical reasons. She'll follow up with get well cards and if they've been out for an extremely long time, she'll send a "thinking of you" card. She will even take the time to call members before they are set to return to make sure they are in fact ready. If they are not, she'll personally make arrangements to extend their leave instead of letting the member get billed to take care of later. She takes great pride in keeping tabs on members and makes sure they are not forgotten and always in good hands. She embodies the "compassionate concern" mission and lives it each day.


Damaris Rodriguez

Buffet Host Cashier 
Ameristar Casino & Hotel
East Chicago, Ind.

Damaris' desire for excellence transfers to providing unparalleled guest service making a guest visit seamless and pleasant. A handicap guest visited the buffet recently and was struggling to prepare a plate and get to her table. Damaris recognized the struggling guest and offered assistance. She continually checked on her and noticed she was having trouble cutting the food on her plate. She didn't hesitate a moment and cut her food for her so she could enjoy her meal. The guest pulled the manager aside and let the manager know how appreciative she was for her excellent guest service and kindness. Damaris always exceeds expectations and leaves positive impressions on casino guests.


Nicole Sater

Guest Service Agent
Hilton Garden Inn
Chesterton, Ind.

Nicole is an exceptional employee who pays special attention to her guests. An elderly guest visited the hotel and was tired and disoriented. Nicole made the lady comfortable in the lobby, made her coffee and offered her a room to rest in. She helped the guest with directions to her destination, but was still feeling concerned. She contacted the local authorities to let them know about the encounter. The police informed Nicole there had been a silver alert issued for the woman, in an entirely different state. Nicole's attention and compassion helped the authorities find the woman and get her to safety. Her actions are a true testament to the Hilton Garden Inn's core value: heart.


Jason Schleicher

Slot Attendant/Host
Horseshoe Casino
Hammond, Ind.

Jason is a loyal and dedicated employee who puts his guests' needs before his own on a regular basis. He is friendly and upbeat and has a positive attitude. Guests know him by name and go out of their way to say nice things about him, his guest service and about the way he makes them feel when they walk through the door. He has excellent work ethic and is very efficient. He receives numerous customer comments and has received a number of accolades and achievement notices for his great team work, amazing guest service and overall job performance - which is exceptional and one of a kind.


Amy Hoover

Front Office Manager
Hilton Garden Inn
Chesterton, Ind.

Amy always provides award-winning service. One unexpected situation proved once again that she continues to go above and beyond; a large wedding was booked at the hotel and were using the shuttle service to get to and from the wedding venue. At 11:00 p.m. the bus wouldn't start. Without hesitation, Amy got in her personal vehicle and transported guests back to the hotel. She had also arranged a taxi service to aid in her shuttling. They were able to keep more than 60 wedding guests happy and get them safely back to their hotel.


Sherry Major

Security Ambassador
Horseshoe Casino
Hammond, Ind.

Sherry is the first and last person employees see on their late-night shifts and knows everyone by name. On one evening she was alerted to an employee who had lost their badge during their shift. After questioning the employee about where she could have lost the badge, the employee burst into tears. Sherry quickly learned that the employee not only lost her badge, but her holiday shopping money for her family. After an investigation they were able to find the badge, but there was no trace of the money. Without thinking twice, Sherry pulled the money out of her purse and handed it to the young mother with no expectation for repayment. When asked about her generosity, Sherry explained she wouldn't have been able to enjoy her own holiday knowing that the mother was not able to provide for her children as planned. This is the type of caring individual on the team at Horseshoe Casino.


Shamia "Mia" Smith

Kitchen Supervisor
Hilton Garden Inn
Chesterton, Ind.

Mia has the ability to see a person for who they really are - as a person who deserves love, care and compassion. She is a breath of fresh air to many of the guests at the hotel, especially when they are staying under unfortunate circumstances. Mia always gives a warm welcome, a friendly hug or a hot cup of coffee to guests. Recently, she sensed a guest needed compassion and offered her a hug. The guest was seen sobbing in Mia's arms. The guest had been staying at the hotel while her mother was in hospice. It was taking a toll on her physically and emotionally and Mia - just knew she needed a shoulder to cry on.