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Sip Coffee Houses
Restaurant Weeks Menu

Awesome meet-up place for great coffee and food, with three locations.

2815 Jewett Avenue, Highland, IN
(219) 595-0314
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11 N. Court St., Crown Point, IN
(219) 662-9165
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13133 Lake Shore Dr., Cedar Lake, IN
(219) 401-8170
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Sip Coffee Houses

All Day Menu

Dine In or Carryout. All 3 Locations.

Cost: $10 per person

Featuring a special sandwich called the Triple Threat (triple decker roast chicken sandwich on rustic bread, topped with veggies, Swiss and house made pesto).

Served with a cookie and a 16oz blackberry iced tea.

Features of Our Restaurant: Indoor dining, family-friendly, hand sanitizer available at the door and at the register, cozy atmosphere, full food and drink menu served all day, operates early and late hours, pastries and other desserts available, friendly service, customer restroom.