Keep South Shore Safe

A statewide mask mandate is in effect in Indiana. Masks must be worn in public spaces where you cannot socially distance, inside businesses and on public transportation.

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Gaming Legislation

The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority has always strongly supported initiatives that would promote Lake County's interest in driving the hospitality product.  In 1993, Indiana legislatures were pushing for legalized gaming, an effort the South Shore CVA strongly supported for various reasons.

As a community strongly founded on a proud history of heavy manufacturing, we knew we could not wait for the private sector to develop the hospitality product. South Shore CVA began working very closely with Northwest Indiana legislatures to both lobby and inform other members of the legislature as well as members of the community of the economic impact legalized gaming would bring. South Shore CVA was instrumental in public speaking and disseminating information to gain a positive response to the proposed legislation.

South Shore CVA saw legalized gaming as an opportunity to bring others into the area. It also helped Chicago better identify the Northwest Indiana market. By becoming a strong contender in gaming, visitors were drawn into Northwest Indiana, giving us the economic impact necessary to develop and market other area attractions and events.

Northwest Indiana was able to secure five gaming licenses for establishments along the southern shore of Lake Michigan. These gaming destinations remain prevalent today in providing thousands of jobs and revenue to the cities and towns of the region.