Indiana Welcome Center Visitor Desk



What is a CVA?

CVA is an acronym for convention and visitors authority. CVAs are destination management organizations. Most CVAs, South Shore CVA included, are not-for-profit organizations that work under a governing body to promote visitor and business travel through sales and marketing initiatives.

What does the SSCVA do?

The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority leads the hospitality industry and markets the South Shore as a centrally located, reasonably priced destination for business and leisure travelers. The South Shore CVA markets the area to bring leisure travelers, meetings, sporting events and motor coaches to the region.

How does tourism benefit Lake County?

Approximately 6.7% of all jobs in Lake County are supported by the tourism to the region. In addition to the hotel and restaurant industry, tourism directly supports jobs in arts, retail trade, and transportation. Revenue collected from tourism in Lake County is sufficient to support 11,608 Indiana public school students. If Lake County tourism did not exist, each of the 211,000+ households would have to pay an additional $532 per year in taxes to maintain current state and local tax levels. (2017 Rockport Analytics, LLC)

Why is the SSCVA important to visitors?

The SSCVA provides valuable information about the South Shore including area attractions, restaurants and accommodation options. Our CVA provides regional information about the area between Chicago and New Buffalo, Michigan at no cost to the visitor. 

What is the economic impact of tourism on Lake County?

Millions of visitors descend on Lake County each year, filling hotel rooms throughout the region, visiting attractions, dining in restaurants and purchasing merchandise. These visitors spend money on goods and services such as lodging, food and beverages, gasoline, souvenirs, admission fees, entertainment and other retail goods, all of these expenditures create an impact of $908.2 million in Lake County and approximately $1.6 billion impact on the entire region (including Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton and Jasper Counties).

Do my property and sales taxes pay for the SSCVA?

No. The SSCVA is funded by casino admission revenue and a hotel/motel tax. Not one penny of property taxes pay for the SSCVA.

What is a food and beverage tax?

A food and beverage tax is a tax on any prepared food or beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) served at restaurants, bars and festivals.

How is a food and beverage tax used?

Traditionally in Indiana, hospitality facilities (brick and mortar projects) are funded by a food and beverage tax. Examples include Allen County's Coliseum and Marion County's Convention Center. There is not currently a food and beverage tax in Lake County, Indiana.