Keep South Shore Safe

A statewide mask mandate is in effect in Indiana. Masks must be worn inside businesses, in public spaces where you cannot socially distance and on public transportation.

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South Shore Ambassador Program

A South Shore Ambassador represents the region through their photos, videos, and blogs on social media, radio, magazines and/or other media. They explore, seek out adventure, capture the beauty of Northwest Indiana, and share it with the world. Through their stories, images and video, they inspire others to get out and explore.  

We’re looking for a team to be South Shore Ambassadors. We want to feature your amazing talents, so we’re looking for people who are exploring, photographing, and posting about the South Shore’s outdoors, attractions, adventures, food, drink, history and culture.

As a South Shore Ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • Along the South Shore swag (t-shirt, beanie, etc.)
  • Gift cards to South Shore attractions, restaurants, breweries, and more.
  • Featured on our website landing page for South Shore Ambassadors
  • Featured on our social media platforms
  • Featured as a guest writer on our blog 

Our goal for the South Shore Ambassador program is to find people who are passionate about the region and want to share all that it has to offer.

We all know and love Northwest Indiana, but what better way to show visitors the South Shore’s best attractions, delicious restaurants, breweries, wineries and a bit of our beauty than with original content from the locals who live it!

How To Become An Ambassador

What you’ll need to do:

  • Fill out the application below
  • Follow us on social channels that you have (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Instagram is required
  • Use the #AlongtheSouthShore and #SouthShoreAmbassador hashtag on your posts
  • Tag us in your South Shore pictures
  • Post regularly about South Shore (5-10 posts representing our brand per month)
  • Optional – write blogs or create “photo journeys,” or other promos (i.e. videos) for our website
  • Do NOT use profanity, vulgar language, nudity or partial nudity in any South Shore Ambassador affiliated pictures or videos

Please complete the form below.

Fill out the application below and let us know who you are, what you enjoy doing along the South Shore, and why you want to be an ambassador. We will make our decisions not based on the followers you have, but rather how passionate you are about the South Shore and how well you represent the region.

Your Photos and Videos

Please upload a couple photos and/or share links to some photos or videos you’d like us to see.

Privacy Policy

The South Shore Convention & Visitors Authority values the privacy of every user of our website and services. That's why we are doing everything we can to protect personal information of all users of the South Shore CVA  website. This privacy policy explains what personal information we collect, what we do with it, what we do not do with it, and how we keep it safe.


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