Keep South Shore Safe

A statewide mask mandate is in effect in Indiana. Masks must be worn inside businesses, in public spaces where you cannot socially distance and on public transportation.

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Featured and Seasonal Brews

One of the most awesome things about the craft brewery scene along the South Shore is that with each new season, new beer offerings are produced! Check out what the featured and seasonal beers are at some of the region’s favorite microbreweries. Keep in mind, though, that with small-batch production, all beers might not be available at all times.

Burn'Em Brewing
Available now:

• Burn 'Em Coconoats
• Burn 'Em Duke Silver
• Burn 'Em  Kreamed Corn
• Burn 'Em MCA
• Burn 'Em Mr Tea w/ Raspberries
• Burn 'Em Peach Mr. Tea
• Burn 'Em  Placebo Effect Nitro
• Burn 'Em Sluagh
• Burn 'Em The IBUs Never Came
• Burn 'Em Them Stems

Byway Brewing
Available now:

• CHI.P.A.
• Oat Street
• Goldblatz 
• Orange is the New Wheat
• No Wining
• Lola
• Brutally Dishonest
• Cryo the Hopp
• Byway to Hell
• B.A. Bourban Fett
• B.A. Milk Man
• B.A. Count Cinnachocula

Crown Brewing
Available now:

• Special Forces
• Broken Brix
• Deux Ville Saison 
• Ignis Fatuus (Pumpkin Ale)
• Mayzie
• Beauregard Blueberry Ale
• Industrial Porter
• The Dude White Russian Java Porter
• Flamme Rouge Raspberry Wheat
• Ocho Zacca Pale Ale
• Till Death Do Us Part
• Never Matter
• North Pole Tadpole Ale
• North Pole Tree Frog Lactose IPA

Fenwick Farms Brewing Company
Available now:

• Spéirbhean - Irish Red
• Fly Free - Wheat
• Fort & Outpost - Lager
• Hop Yard - IPA
• Iroquois River - Cream Ale
• Willow Switch - Porter
• Fort & Outpost
• Speirbhean

Four Fathers Brewing
Available now:

• Prince of Valpo - Dry Hopped Sour Ale with Cascara
• Doctor Terminus
• Viking Funeral - Imperial Stout
• Ivy Mike - Double Black IPA
• Why Buy the Cow - Milk Stout with Coffee
• Fathers Beer - Belgian Style Pale Ale
• The 26th - American IPA with all Michigan Grown Hops
• Sloth Love Chunk - Double Milk Stout Brewed with Peanut, Caramel and Cocoa Nibs

Hunter’s Brewing
Available now:

• A Lot of Heart
• Bashful
• HB EXP 03
• Left of Center
• Meridian
• Porter County
• Voorjaar

Ironwood Brewing
Available now:

• Cricket IPA - American IPA
• Commodore Porter - Porter
• English BOB
• Jefferson Grisette
• Goliath's Demise
• St. Colombanos - Irish Red Ale
• W3 (Wizard Wand Wheat) - American Wheat
• Mead - Fermented with Local Honey Flavored with El Dorado Hops
• Orange Cream Soda - Dreamsicle Flavored Non-Alcoholic Soda

New Oberpfalz Brewing Company

• Helles Lager
• Schwarzbier Black Lager (Available October-May)
• Hopwagen American IPA
• Russian Imperial Stout with Coconut and Vanilla (seasonal)
• Russian Imperial Stout with coffee and cocoa nibs (seasonal)
• Elucidator Doppelbock (seasonal)
• Toad Storm Double IPA
• Our Lady Maibock (May 1st annual release in 22oz bottles and limited draft.)
• Nebra Disk (nAy-brah) India Pale Lager (Only during appropriate lunar and solar events)
• Oktoberfest (seasonal)
• Feuergeist IPA (Constantly in production. Out of stock for sale most days)

Off Square Brewing
Available now:

• Deutsche Bag
• Schnitz Und Giggles 
• Kiss Yer Kousin
• Hamilton Porter
• Snattered 
• Cherry Springer
• Kashmir Shangri-La
• Sharing the Hub
• Golden Eye
• Bold Betty
• Angry Betty
• Saphir Zum Trotz
• Tropik Thunder
• Long Day
• Big Bitch!
• Rice Rocket
• Philz Pilz
• It Gose Without Saying

St. John Malt Brothers
Available now:

• Blood Thirsty - IPA
• Bolder Burnt Bottom Brown (4B) 
• Dark Breed
• Hesperidium -
• Triple Dog Dare
• Mr. Coconuthead
• Noxturnal
• Game Over Man
• Flavor 32 Butter Pecan Brown Ale
• Deviant Vector
• Battle Penguen
• AP4K
• Hypno-Gypsy
• Barleywine
• Deviant Vector 
• Battle Penguen 

Shoreline Brewery
Available now:

• Foggy Loggy - Lager 
• Anniversary Ale - American Style Pale Ale 
• Shoddy Dock
• Batch 900
• Atomic#29 
• Three Sum
• Sum Nug - American Style IPA 
• Beltaine Scottish Ale 
• Singing Sands - Flavors of chocolate, coffee, and oatmeal lead with a dark hue and a creamy tan head 
• Barrel Aged Curse the Goat

Wildrose Brewing Company

• Big DIPA
• Hop Side of the Moon - IPA Black / Cascadian Dark Ale 
• Oktoberfest
• Theze Nutz - Porter American 
• Mornin' James - Stout Imperial / Double 
• Mad Cow - Stout Milk / Sweet 
• Big Sexy - Pale Ale American 
• Red Rye'dr - Rye Beer 
• Stewheat