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Featured and Seasonal Brews

One of the most awesome things about the craft brewery scene along the South Shore is that with each new season, new beer offerings are produced! Check out what the featured and seasonal beers are at some of the region’s favorite microbreweries this fall. Keep in mind, though, that with small-batch production, all beers might not be available at all times.

Bulldog Brewing Co.
Available Now:

• Pumpkin Ale
• Oktoberfest Lager
• 1890 Stout

Burn'Em Brewing

Available now:

• Burn 'Em 21N9NE
• Burn 'Em Dark Side of the Brew
• Burn 'Em Duke Silver
• Burn 'Em Granny's Chocolate Gravy Nitro
• Burn 'Em Happy Howie's Hoppy Wheat
• Burn 'Em Kreamed Corn
• Burn 'Em MCA
• Burn 'Em Red Zeppelin 
• Burn 'Em Smells Like Grahamma's Tarts
• Burn 'Em Troll Serum

Byway Brewing

Available now:

•Radar Jammed
•Caramel Apple Pie Beer
•Imperial Maple Brown Ale
•BA Blakstarr Swirl
•Mo'Saic Mo'Problems
•Count Cinnachocula

Crown Brewing
Available now:

• Mayzie Cream Ale
• Beauregard Blueberry Ale 
• Industrial Porter
• Java Porter
• Special Forces
• Flamme Rouge Raspberry Wheat
• Viserion's Bock
• Shoe Corner Extra Special Bitter 
• Til Death Do Us Part I.P.A 

Fenwick Farms Brewing Company
Available now:

• Irish Red
• Wheat
• Lager
• India Pale Ale
• Cream Ale

Four Fathers Brewing
Available now:

• Prince of Valpo
• Lucy & Ehtel
• Imperial Fathers Beer
• Midnight Judge
• Viking Funeral
• Ivy Mike
•Brown Sabbath
• Why Buy the Cow
•Fathers Beer
•Revere's Ryed
•The 26th 
•Mr. Belvedere
•Sloth Love Chunk
•To Eleven

Hunter’s Brewing
Available now:

• Threadsplitter - American IPA 
• Porter County - Robust Porter
• Bashful - English Ale
• Happenstance  - Belgian Stron Golden Ale
• HB EXP 03 - Spiced/Herbed Beer
• Bashfull - Other
• Art Of The Muse  - Pale Ale - American
• Ailbe  - Blonde Ale

New Oberpfalz Brewing Company
Available now:

• Helles Lager
• Schwarzbier Black Lager
• Hopwagen American IPA
• Russian Imperial Stout with Coconut and Vanilla
• Russian Imperial Stout with coffee and cocoa nibs
• Elucidator Doppelbock
• Toad Storm Double IPA
• Imperial Rye IPA
• Our Lady Maibock
• Nebra Disk (nAy-brah) India Pale Lager
• Smoked Helles Lager
• Winter Ale
• Robust Porter

Off Square Brewing
Available now:

• Long Day - IPA
• Angry Betty - Oatmeal Stout
• Tropic Thunder - IPA
• Bold Betty - Coffee Stout
• Texas Leauge - Kolsch
• Pink Cowbell - Strawberries and Créme Milkshake
• Bitchin' Betty - Imperial Oatmeal Stout
• Red Ryder - Barrel - Aged Farmhouse Brett

Pokro Brewing
Available now:

• CAMMIT - Belgian witbier 
• Caveman - brown ale
• Dwarven Assassin - Belgian IPA
• Monkey Assassin - double IPA

St. John Malt Brothers
Available now:

• Belmageddon
• Blood Thirsty 
• Bolder Burnt Bottom Brown (4B)
• El Cedron
• Flavor 32
• Game Over Man
• Hanging Curve
• Hesperidium
• Hoperidium
• Mr. Coconuthead
• Noxturnal 
• Triple Dog Dare
• St. John Lager

Shoreline Brewery

•Ly-Co-Ki-We Kolsch 
•Stellar Blue
•Shoddy Dock 
•Sesh Wheat
•Don't Panic
•Benny's American Pale Ale
•Sam Nug 
•3 Sum 
•Curse the Goat
•Chester Brown
•Singing Sands

Wildrose Brewing Company

• Oktoberfest
• Hop Side of the Moon
• Me so Thorny
• Mash Tun Crap Shoot #1
• Stew Wheat
• West Coast Hopper
• Mad Cow IPA
• Big Sexy