Keep South Shore Safe

A statewide mask mandate is in effect in Indiana. Masks must be worn inside businesses, in public spaces where you cannot socially distance and on public transportation.

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What's the Password

You've had your time showing off, winning the tests and trials and embracing the inner manly man you were born to be. Now, it's time to clean up and sport a different type of musk. Maybe you're about to go out with the lady or throw some dice. Maybe you just plan to sit back in a dark lounge and burn an Amarillo, waiting for someone to compliment your ash. Whatever the situation is, every manly man knows that there's a time for the nice suit and the hot shave. Here you'll find everything you need to take on the lady's words of handsome and dapper. Yeah, handsome and dapper don't always fit into the vocabulary of the manly man, but just keep in mind, these words are positive and just fuel to that diesel tank of confidence.

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