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10 Great Reasons
To Move from Illinois to Indiana


Move to Indiana - Lower Property Taxes

Move to Indiana Reason #1

Lower Property Taxes


Property tax on the median Illinois home is nearly triple what it costs for a home of the same value in Indiana. You’d rather pay $1,546 in Indiana than a whopping $3,959 in Illinois!

Move to Indiana - More House

Move to Indiana Reason #2

More House For Your Buck


U.S. News places Indiana at #3 in Housing Affordability and #2 in Overall Affordability; while Illinois ranks #22 in Affordability. Buy the perfect home in Indiana for your family and you can spring for the white picket fence and big backyard.

Move to Indiana - Less Commute Time

Move to Indiana Reason #3

Less Commute Time


Commuting to the Windy City? Munster, Indiana is 28 miles from Chicago and Dyer, Indiana is a mere 39 minute drive versus a 51 minute commute from Naperville, Illinois (33 miles).  Time is money. Don’t waste it in your car.

Move to Indiana - Lower State Income Tax

Move to Indiana Reason #4

Lower State Income Tax



Illinois tax hikes boosted the state’s personal income tax rate to 4.95% and the corporate income tax rate to 9.5%. Indiana’s income tax is only 3.23%.


Move to Indiana - Four Star Schools

Move to Indiana Reason #5

Four Star Schools


Indiana’s designation for ranking the best schools in Indiana is the Four Star designation. Northwest Indiana is home to 30 Four Star Schools; more than 230 Indiana schools received the honor in the 2017-2018 school year.

Move to Indiana - In-State Universities

Move to Indiana Reason #6

In-State Universities


With the cost of a college education continuing to rise, attending a university in your home state can save thousands of dollars per year versus an out-of-state university. Indiana is home to numerous highly ranked schools including Purdue University, Valparaiso University, Butler University, University of Notre Dame and Indiana University.

Move to Indiana - Access to Green Spaces

Move to Indiana Reason #7

Access to Green Spaces


Northwest Indiana offers 25 miles of beaches, one national park and one state park. The Indiana Dunes National Park is comprised of more than 15,000 acres of dunes, oak savannas, swamps, bogs, marshes, prairies, rivers and forests, offering a wide variety of activities year-round.

Move to Indiana - Accessibility to Healthcare

Move to Indiana Reason #8

Accessibility to Healthcare


Northwest Indiana medical providers are planning, building or have opened more than $400 million in new hospitals, clinics and care centers this year.

Move to Indiana - Lower Cost of Living

Move to Indiana Reason #9

Lower Cost of Living


Indiana’s cost of living is the fifth lowest in the U.S. at 9% below the national average. Your dollar will go further in Indiana, whether you’re buying a car, home or a cart full of groceries.

Move to Indiana - Great Place to Do Business

Move to Indiana Reason #10

Great Place to Do Business


According to Forbes, Indiana is in the Top 10 Best States to Do Business and holds a AAA rating from Moody’s on its general obligation debt. Quality of life (ranked #4) and business costs were also contributing factors to Forbes’ ranking.

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