Nominate a South Shore Legend

Know someone who has a connection to Northwest Indiana and has made a "world of difference" to the area and beyond? Nominate them to be a South Shore Legend.

Below is a nomination form that must be completed for a candidate to be considered. 

Address all inquiries to Stephanie Smith at or (219) 301-7765. 

If you would prefer a Word document to fill out that you could mail or email to us, download it here.

Annual Legend Inductions

The number of South Shore Legends inducted annually will be limited to three Legend plaques. Each plaque may recognize an individual, multiple individuals who contributed to an accomplishment or multiple individuals who represent a category to be similarly honored.

Your Contact Information

Nominee Information

Let us know where in Northwest Indiana has provided your nominee a home, template, laboratory and/or workshop that has contributed to their accomplishments in a specific field or endeavor.

In selecting a South Shore Legend, the emphasis should be on the accomplishment, here or elsewhere, and secondarily on the individual(s). The Legend's accomplishment(s) should have had a substantial impact that still resonates in and/or beyond the region.

Your nominee’s contributions need to be documented. Please upload no more than two pieces of documentation in the media or other sources to support their contribution.

A South Shore Legend must exemplify at least one of the four pillars - innovation, creativity, courage and/or exploration.

A South Shore Legend is representative of a special breed of individuals whose acts and deeds have made a world of difference. Please submit a 50 to 100-word statement on how they have done this.

South Shore Legends have made their contributions in past years, in contrast to modern day innovators whose contributions are current. Legends may or may not be living.

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