South Shore Legends

The South Shore has been a home, laboratory or workshop for individuals who by their actions, have demonstrated exploration, courage, creativity and/or innovation. Their accomplishments still resonate in and beyond this region.

Others from Northwest Indiana have made their mark as well, including men and women in the Armed Forces, Nobel Prize winners, distinguished actors and astronauts. The distinguishing characteristics of these honorees is that they also made contributions here in the region.

This is a reminder to all of us - especially the next generation - that we, too, can make a contribution along the South Shore.

South Shore Legends is dedicated to the legendary spirit within all of us. It is sponsored by the men and women of the BP Whiting Business Unit.

Commemorative plaques, listing their accomplishments and including their photographs, are displayed on the Wall of Legends at the Indiana Welcome Center, 7770 Corinne Drive, Hammond, Indiana. 

Know someone who has a connection to Northwest Indiana and has made a "world of difference" to the area and beyond? Nominate them to be a South Shore Legend.


Class of 2004

Dorothy Richard Buell

Public Activism for the Indiana Dunes

Octave Chanute

Achieving a Milestone in Human Flight

Henry Chandler Cowles

Helped Give Birth to a New Science

Class of 2005

"Black Freedom Fighters of Steel"

Challenged Social and Institutional Barriers

Dr. William M. Burton and Dr. Robert E. Humphreys

Pioneered the Burton-Humphreys Experimental Cracking Still

Captain William C. Eddy

Prolific Innovator

2006 - No Inductions

Class of 2007

Jean Parker Shepherd

Author of "A Christmas Story"

Martyrs, Heroes, Unionists

from The Memorial Day Massacre - May 30, 1937

Tuskegee Airmen Of Northwest Indiana


Class of 2008

Frank Dudley

Indiana Dunes Artist

Karl Malden

Oscar-winning Movie Actor

Tony Zale

"The Man of Steel"

Class of 2009

James P. Comer, M.D., M.P.H.

Pioneer in Educational Reform

Orville Redenbacher, Charles Bowman & Garnet Findling

Revolutionized the American Popcorn Industry

Colonel Jerry L. Ross

Holds World Record for the Most Spaceflights

Class of 2010

Vivian Carter

Vee-Jay Records Founder

Dr. John Maniotes, Ph.D., M.S., B.S.

Computer Pioneer

Class of 2011

Northwest Indiana's Medal of Honor Recipients
  • Marine Pvt. 1st Class Daniel D. Bruce
  • Marine Lance Cpl. Emilio A. De La Garza Jr.
  • Marine Staff Sgt. William G. Windrich
  • Union Army Chaplain John M. Whitehead
  • Union Army 2nd Lt. Thomas N. Graham
The Jackson 5 / The Jacksons

Popular Music Family Group

Northwest Indiana's Nobel Laureate Recipients
  • Ferid Murad
  • Paul A. Samuelson
  • Harold Urey
  • Joseph Stiglitz

Class of 2012

Avery Brooks

Television, Film and Theater Actor

John Edward "Jack" Chevigny, U.S. Marine Corps

"That's one for the Gipper"

Sue Hendrickson

Discovered SUE, the T.rex

Class of 2013

Betsy Palmer

Film, Television and Stage Actress

Edward A. Rumely

Leader in Industry and Education

Class of 2014

Dr. William M. Scholl

Innovator in the Foot Care Industry

Army PFC Frank H. Ono

Northwest Indiana Medal of Honor Recipient

Frank Borman

Apollo 8 Commander

Neil P. Ruzic

Visionary, Connector & Pioneer

Class of 2015

The 20th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
  • Col. John Wheeler
  • Lt. John Luther
  • Maj. Erasmus Gilbreath
Gary Roosevelt and Crispus Attucks Basketball Teams of 1955
  • 1955 Gary Roosevelt Basketball Team
  • 1955 Indianapolis Crispus Attucks Basketball Team
Lewis "Lew" Wallace

Author of "Ben-Hur: A Tale of Christ"

Class of 2016

Lynton Keith Caldwell

Indiana’s Mr. Ecology

Nelson Algren

Author of A Walk on the Wild Side

Chief Clyde Hamilton McMillan

Founder of Task Force Tips

Class of 2017

Quentin P. Smith

Civic Leader, Educator, Activist and Mentor

Dean White

Entrepreneur, Visionary and Philanthropist

Class of 2018

Capt. James M. Kirk

Recipient of the Purple Heart and the Air Medal with nine Oak Leaf Clusters

Lowell J. Thomas

Radio and Television Broadcaster

W. F. (Bill) Wellman

Visionary in Hospitality

Class of 2019

Thomas G. Katsahnias

Integrity, Valor, Character

George Ade

American Writer, Playwright, Journalist, Philanthropist

Dr. Harold E. Scheub

Emeritus Professor of African Languages and Literature

Class of 2020

Donald S. Powers

His Impact Reaches Beyond Our Region

Alvah Curtis Roebuck

Hammond Watchmaker, Co-Founder Sears Roebuck and Co.

Class of 2021

Naomi Bowman Talbert Anderson
Lee Botts
John H. Davies
William E. and Dr. Joe R. Urschel

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