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Special Events

The entire Christmas season is packed with events and contests during the "A Christmas Story" Comes Home Exhibit. Below you’ll find all of the annual events.

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    Entry dates are November 10 - December 13, 2019.

    Write a theme about what you would like to receive for Christmas, just like Ralphie Parker wrote about the BB gun he wanted.

    Essays should be more than 20 words, but not exceed 250. Entries will be judged in four separate age groups: age 7 and under, 8-12, 13-17 and 18 and older. Themes will not be judged against other entries, but stand alone entries.

    Entries can be dropped off at or mailed to: Indiana Welcome Center, 7770 Corinne Drive, Hammond, IN 46323.

    All entries must be clearly labeled with your name, address, day-time phone number and age category. *All past winners are ineligible to win contests.


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