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Lutheran Basketball National Championships

Please read the following Housing Rules. Then proceed to the 2019 list of approved properties below.

Standardized Housing Rules During Tournament

  • LBAA-logoNo hotel requests accepted until January 1, 2019.
  • Special arrangements for housing will be made for teams that qualify after the cut-off date.
  • Absolutely no direct phone calls to hotels or national toll-free reservation hotlines for reservations, South Shore Sports Promotions, a department of the South Shore Convention & Visitors Authority is the housing bureau for this tournament and any violations are grounds for tournament disqualification!
  • South Shore Sports Promotions will email confirmation of hotel assignment to the team contact.
  • There is a minimum two (2) night stay and check out times are subject to individual hotel properties.
  • Only one room should be reserved under one individual's name. If more than one room is reserved under the same individual's name, a different rooming list for each room should be supplied.
  • When a block of rooms is reserved for a team, each room reserved should be listed under a different name and that individual's credit card number. If one credit card is listed for an entire block of rooms, that individual is responsible for those rooms.
  • It is recommended that you guarantee your room with a credit card and not a debit card.
  • One adult is responsible for each room and assignments need to be stated clearly on rooming list BEFORE arrival.
  • Adults must supervise participants and any children under the age of 19 years old at ALL times.
  • Most properties have a mandatory quiet time and curfew. After such time, an adult must accompany children under the age of 19 years old.
  • Adults who are supervising children should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • A one warning policy will be in effect. Guests will receive one warning before being asked to leave. If a guest is asked to leave, no refund will be issued for the remainder of the stay. Warnings will be done in writing so there is no discrepancy.
  • Primary coach/supervisor is responsible for his/her group knowing the above rules.
  • If a team is eliminated and they check out after the hotel's designated check out time, they will be charged for the full evening.
  • Hotels may have their own rules that will be presented and must be agreed to at time of check-in.




March 28-March 31, 2019

Information coming soon