Savor Partner Kit

Below are some graphics to download and save to help promote your participation in Savor the South Shore. Share them on your social media, website, email marketing and any other online platforms. There is also an 11x17 promotional piece you can print out for your restaurant.

Make sure to follow Savor the South Shore on facebook, too. We welcome you to interact with and share our posts!

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Savor the South Shore Logo

Savor 2024 logo

Digital Images

300x250 Banner

Savor 2024 300x250

1080x1920 Banner

Savor 2024 1080x1920

1920x1080 Banner

Savor 2024 1920x1080

Printable Materials

11x17 Poster
Click to open pdf

Savor 2024 11x17

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