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Support A South Shore Convention Center

A multi-use facility will help diversify the local economy by bringing in convention attendees, amateur athletes, business executives and meeting planners.

Additional visitors will stay at South Shore hotels, eat in our restaurants, shop in our stores, visit our attractions and fill their tanks at our gas stations. Visitors can spend more than $250 a day during their stay.

South Shore Convention Center

Northwest Indiana is currently restricted on the size of local, state and national conventions and meetings that can use our current meeting space. The Radisson Hotel was the primary location for associations and groups to hold conventions and conferences.

Impact on Our Community

As a conveniently-located and reasonably-priced destination, the South Shore CVA can market the convention center/multi-use facility to groups like Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, Indiana CPA Society and to trade shows like Berkeley Marine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions such as what does the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority do, how much money residents in Lake County save on their taxes because of tourism, as well as information on food and beverage taxes.


Petitioning - South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority's Spero Batistatos

Act Now! Support A South Shore Convention Center

Yes, I support a multi-use facility to bring conventions, meetings, special events, sporting events and programs to northwest Indiana.
By signing below, I understand that to fund such a facility, a food and beverage tax (in Lake County) will be implemented and I will support the facility in any community in the South Shore and I will communicate my support with my local legislator...

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