Call for Artists

“Just Around the Corner” South Shore Poster Series

Deadline to Apply: May 15, 2023

Submit an application to be a considered artist for future poster commissions.


Throughout the mid-1920s, the South Shore Posters promoted attractions, events and destinations along the South Shore Line from as far east as South Bend and as far west as Chicago. The posters lined the region’s train stations, enticing business and leisure travelers to the area through colorful depictions of events, landscapes and destinations along the South Shore of Lake Michigan. The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority (SSCVA) manages the “Just Around the Corner” poster series started in 1997. This series continues to grow, share our story, promote our destination to visitors and inspire pride from our residents. The SSCVA is committed to expanding the artist list available to sponsors of new posters in the series, thereby promoting the arts and protecting artist’s rights and ownership.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Previous experience working with clients.
  • Must complete online submission form.

Artwork Sample Submissions

The SSCVA is accepting digital images/files for portfolio consideration. Digital images can be submitted through an online form ONLY.  Please do NOT submit links to files (Google Docs or otherwise). All work must be your own. Each file has a 999kb minimum image size requirement. 

Labeling example: 
Please label each image with your first and last name.

As an inventory example: 

Image One: johnsonb-1
Title: Around the Corner
Medium: Oil Paint on Canvas 
Dimensions: 24"x48" 

Image Two: johnsonb-2
Title: Corner the Around
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Canvas 
Dimensions: 12"x8"


If you are a finalist and then chosen by a new sponsor, the following explains the project process for a new commission. Artist will meet with the sponsor and facilitator (SSCVA) to discuss the project expectations. Artist will provide rendering and revisions. Artist will complete final artwork. Sponsor will own original painting. Artist will retain ownership of artwork.

  • New commissioned projects must maintain artistic inspiration from traditional poster work.
  • New commissioned projects must follow project guidelines, protocols, themes and creative direction.
  • New commissioned projects must be created with oil paint or acrylic paint.
  • New commissioned projects physical canvas size must be 28” wide x 42” tall and at least 1” thick.

Artist Application

General Information

udf_1868 calendar


State your goals and purpose in participating in the “Just Around the Corner” Poster Series.

Please check each category that reflects your area of expertise:

If you would like to share any former clients you have created art for, please list them here.

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