The South Shore is centrally located and easily accessible from a number of major highways and is 
25 miles from Chicago, IL
150 miles from Indianapolis, IN
170 miles from Madison, WI
240 miles from Louisville, KY
250 miles from Detroit, MI
300 miles from St. Louis, MO
315 miles from Cleveland, OH

Time Zone

Central Time Zone. Northwest Indiana observes both Central Standard and Central Daylight times. Daylight savings time begins at 2am the first Sunday in April, when clocks are advanced one hour, and ends at 2am the last Sunday in October, when clocks are turned back an hour.

Sales Tax

Indiana retail sales tax is 7%. Lake, Porter, LaPorte and Jasper Counties also have a 5% innkeeper's tax.


The South Shore has four distinct seasons. Spring begins in late March to early April, and the season tends to be warm, particularly in April and May. Summers are hot and humid and autumn is colorful and warm. Winters are cool but relatively mild with some snow, generally in January and early February. The average July temperature ranges from 65- 85 degrees. The average January temperature ranges from 18-36 degrees.

Did You Know?

Wolf Lake in Hammond was recognized by the New York Times for their conditions and as being one of the best lakes in the country for windsurfing?

The South Shore is one of the nation's largest steel producers?

The Crown Point Courthouse, also known as the "Grand Old Lady," was built in 1878 and was said to be "one of the finest architectural expressions in Indiana?"

The "Grandfather of Aviation," Octave Chanute, built and tested the first heavier-than-air glider at Marquette Park in Miller Beach? 

Dr. Scholl, the famous foot doctor, began his practice in Cedar Lake?

The Indiana Dunes State and National Parks welcome nearly 4 million guests each year?

Albanese Confectionery, located in Hobart, produces 35,000 pounds of award-winning gummies per 8 hour shift?

The South Shore hospitality industry employees approximately 25,000 people?