Griffith, Indiana

Griffith, nicknamed "The town that came to the tracks," was founded in 1904. The town served as an interchange for five railroads, with approximately 180 trains passing through daily at its peak in the 1970s. Currently, two railroads operate through Griffith, and the town is steeped in railroad history.

History buffs will enjoy visiting the Griffith Historical Park and Railroad Museum. Every Labor Day weekend, Griffith celebrates its history with the Rock ‘N' Rail Street Festival, featuring a variety of food, arts and crafts, family entertainment and non-stop live music.

The town also hosts movies nights, a wonderful farmers' market and "A Park Full of Art," a juried fine arts show.

Nature lovers will appreciate Griffith's Hoosier Prairie Nature Preserve. This 576-acre preserve boasts marshes, black oak savannas, wet prairies and sedge marshes.

After a day full of fun, visitors can enjoy Griffith’s eclectic downtown with barbers, a bowling alley, pool hall, taxidermy shop, record store, restaurants and breweries.

For more information on Griffith, please visit:

Town of Griffith
111 North Broad Street
Griffith, IN  46319

Highland-Griffith Chamber of Commerce
8536 Kennedy Ave. 
Highland, IN 46322