Roselawn, Indiana

Roselawn, located in the northeastern corner of Newton County, is located at the busy crossroads of Interstate 65 and State Road 10. Rose Lawn, as it was originally spelled, was laid out in 1882, and derived its name from two local businessmen, Orlando "Rose" of Missouri and "Lon" Craig of Winamac. The name was officially changed to Roselawn in 1893.

Roselawn is a favorite place for campers to come and relax, with two family friendly campgrounds in the Roselawn area - Oak Lake Family Campground and Pioneer Family Campground. Visitors can enjoy such amenities as swimming, fishing and water sports, as well as playgrounds, trails and events.

While in Roselawn, visitors can enjoy delightful food. Jordy & Jax BBQ features tantalizing ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket, as well as a large selection of steak and seafood. Frankie's Village Restaurant is a great place to get a home cooked breakfast and Fat Guy's Pizza & More features hot, freshly made pizza that the locals love. Roselawn restaurants also feature yummy ethnic cuisine, such as Mexican and Chinese, and several fast food options.

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Header image is from the Pioneer Family Campground. 

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