Sports Events Services

South Shore Sports Promotions (SSSP) offers many useful services that can save lots of time - before, during and after your event. We're your central information resource for anything you need and we serve as a facilitator between event holders and facility operators.

Pre-Booking Services
South Shore Sports will assist with sending out leads to prospective event facilities, site selection and will also assist with setting up individual or group site inspections.

Pre-Event Services
Our event sales and servicing team will also assist with services leading up to your event or tournament. Services include promotional assistance, press releases, literature to promote the area, coordination of off-site events, a microsite to promote the event to your attendees and housing services.

On-Site Event Services
South Shore Sports will also assist utilizing the resources we have available to provide assistance at your event. These services include registration bags, welcome signage, registration assistance and travel counselors who can assist your attendees with dining recommendations, directions and other visitor information.

Post-Event Services
After your event concludes, South Shore Sports will assist you with gathering room pick-up, and we can send out a survey on your behalf to your attendees. The survey can include questions about accommodations, the event facility, the tournament, any off-site events and activities, and anything you want to know to help improve your sporting event for the future.

South Shore Sports is committed to making sure you have a successful event and your attendees enjoy their time in the South Shore. Contact Megan Goodan, Manager of Sports Development at or 219-989-7770.