Lake Village, Indiana

Lake Village, in northern Newton County, is rich in history. Settled near the banks of now vanished Beaver Lake, which was drained in the mid-1800s to provide farmland, the settlement was given its name by local farmers who came to trade by "going up the lake to the village."

Once part of the vast Grand Kankakee Marsh - a hunter's paradise sought out by trappers, hunters and English nobility - this land is now rich in farmland and wildlife areas.

LaSalle Fish and Wildlife Area consists of more than 3,700 acres of hardwood forests, fields, marshes, brush and open water. Visitors can enjoy fishing for bluegill, crappie, bass and walleye. Hunters will appreciate the large amount of wildlife, such as deer, turkey, ducks, geese, rabbits, quail, pheasant and squirrels. LaSalle's habitat provides excellent opportunities for watching migrating waterfowl. Visitors are allowed to gather berries, mushrooms and nuts when in season.

Lake Village is home to a privately owned, public use airport which provides aircraft storage, as well as aircraft maintenance and repair. Lake Village Airport is also the base for two glider clubs. Park Forest South Aviation Group offers introductory flights on their Schweizer 2-33A sailplanes in addition to lessons, while Atlantis Soaring Society flies higher performance sailplanes.

Golfers will enjoy a challenging round of golf at Lugene Links, a beautiful 9-hole public golf course with a sports bar, The Flying Elbow. Gardening enthusiasts will find themselves at home among the beautiful flowering plants, shrubs and garden flats at local nurseries such as Drenth Growers and Gardner's Limited.

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Header image is of LaSalle Fish and Wildlife Area from IDNR/Outdoor Indiana magazine.  

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